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Create Your Own Brownie

Made special for you! Ruth’s “Create Your Own Brownies” lets you choose your favorite nuts, fruit or candy to add to your brownies. First, choose either Ruth’s Classic Cake-Style Brownies or Ruth’s Extra Fudgy Brownies, then choose any of our 30 special ingredients to be added to make your very own, one-of-a-kind Brownie treat.

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Choose Your Brownie Recipe
 Cake Style    Extra Fudgy   

Choose Your Special Ingredient (Choose Only 1)
Organic Dried Apples
Organic California Apricots
Organic Banana Chips
Organic Sultanic Raisins
Organic Pistacios
Organic Gummy Bears
Organic Cranberries
Organic Calimyra Figs
Organic Papaya
Cinnamon-coated Cashews
Cinnamon-roasted Almonds
Organic Jelly Beans
Dried Strawberries
Glazed Lemon Peel
Macadamia Nuts
Coconut-Caramel Stacks
Candy Corn
Cinnamon Imperials
Dried Blackberries
Dried Blueberries
Maple-coated Walnuts
Honey-roasted Peanuts
Peanut M&Ms
Reece's Pieces
Dried Peaches
Sun-Dried Pepper
Peanut Crunch
Chocolate Nonpareils
Good & Pleanty Licorice Treats
Skittles Old Time Candy
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Handcrafted Brownies
Ruth's Brownies are handcrafted to order daily and shipped fresh within hours of being removed from the oven to guarantee their freshness and delectable
taste. They are made according to our own special recipes exclusively with Valrhona chocolates and other farm-fresh natural or organic ingredients.