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Ruth's Brownie Kitchen

About Our Products

We Believe Our Baked Goods Are The Best
In The Entire World. Try Them For Yourself!

Each order of our gourmet brownies, cookies, cakes and biscotti are handcrafted to order in small batches according to our own secret recipes. The keys to all of our recipes are our proprietary baking methods and our special secret blends of Belgium Chocolates.

Ruth's Brownies... One Dozen weights in at one and one half pounds... Enough To Share!

Share a Ruth's Brownie with a friend. At on and one half pounds, our brownies are among the biggest, richest and tastiest anywhere.

Our Cookies Are Huge!

Ruth's Own Cookies are over 4" in diameter and one dozen weights more than 2 pounds! That makes them almost three times the size of most cookies... and we think they have three times the flavor.

Ruth's Biscotti Are Huge!

With one-dozen of Ruth's Own biscotti weighing about 18 ounces, that makes them twice as large as most others. A single one of Ruth's biscotti can easily be shared... but you won't want to!

A Great Value!

Organic The huge size of Ruth’s Brownies, cookies and biscotti make them a great value because you get so much more for your money in both size and taste.

6" x 9" Slabs...

Our Products are shipped to you fresh from the oven in 6” x 9” slabs... each slab is big enough to cut into twelve (12) 2.25” x 2” pieces, already bigger than most other brownies from our competition. 

Classic Cake-Style or Extra Fudgy?

We Offer Both! Our proprietary baking methods are designed to produce a crunchy, chewy old-fashioned crust on all flavors of our classic cake-style brownies... And an especially buttery fudge-like interior for all of our extra fudgy varieties.

Try them both, the choice is yours. Each are available in a dozen different flavors of nuts, fruits and other favorites.

Guaranteed Fresh

Our baked goods are shipped to you fresh within hours after they come out of the oven. They are NEVER frozen and they are never left-over from the day before.

Our Ingredients

Always Fresh... Never Any Preservatives!

All of the delectable delights from Ruth's Kitchen are baked from farm-fresh natural ingredients. Chemical preservatives and artificial ingredients or flavorings are NEVER used in any of our products.

Exclusively Belgium Chocolates

We use our own secret and special blends of two or three or more of premium belgium chocolates and/or cocoa for each of our recipes. How we combine and blend them for each of our varieties and flavors is our secret.

King Arthur Flours

We exclusively use King Arthur flours, arguably the world's best. Different recipes call for different formulations so we use, as required, King Arthur organic All-Purpose, Pastry, Cake and other formulations and millings..

The Finest Nuts, Fruits & Candies

Nothing but the best. All of our special ingredients have been selected from the best available from top-notch suppliers worldwide. We order our supplies for delivery daily in small quantities as we need them to assure their freshness.


Kitchen is a small, artisanal bakery located in the Hudson Valley region of New York state that specializes in baking handcrafted Gourmet Cookies, Biscotti and French Chocolate Cake-Style and Fudge Brownies.

Handcrafted Brownies
Ruth's Brownies are handcrafted to order daily and shipped fresh within hours of being removed from the oven to guarantee their freshness and delectable
taste. They are made according to our own special recipes exclusively with Valrhona chocolates and other farm-fresh natural or organic ingredients.