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quote1a.gifMy husband loved it and said it tasted just like his grandmother's homemade Italian Biscotti.quote1b.gif

Ellie Pomgratz, Crofton, MD (
quote1a.gifSimply stated: these didn’t last long. I made sure one went back to school with Megan when she was home this past weekend. Amanda isn’t a chocolate person, but Stephen made quick work of 2 while Dwayne and I were a bit more practical and split the last two and had dessert for 2 nights. But trust me, these are big enough to be cut in half and delicious enough that you will want to savor them.quote1b.gif

— Ann On Life, (

quote2a.gifI own a small accounting firm and sent packages of your brownies to our clients and friends for Christmas. Never before have I had so many of them call us to thank us for a gift like this before. Now, my wife orders them for dessert every time we entertain friends or family.quote2b.gif

— George Allsport, Essex, CT

BEST brownies ever.  Still can’t decide if the peanut butter extra fudgy or raspberry cake-style is my favorite.” –Carol Rembrandt, Towson MD   

“I ordered ½ dozen brownies and they were so big, I thought they accidentally sent me a full dozen by mistake. Nope, turns out they’re just huge!” –Michelle Rollins, Stafford VA

“Just want to thank Kevin for helping get my holiday order all set. Everyone in the office loved your brownies.” –Pete Vaughn, Albany NY 

“I sent brownies and biscotti to my sister in Arizona for the holidays since I couldn’t get there this year. She told me from now on I better send some every year, whether I come or not haha. Done deal.” –John Christenson, Wilmington NC

“I love your extra fudgy brownies.” –Rachel Carson, Gainesville GA

“Mail to order baked goods just make sense. I ordered brownies for every casual acquaintance I’m obligated to buy a gift for. No hassle, so thanks. I’ll be looking to do this again next year.” –Lou Mendola, Cherry Hill NJ

“Still not sure how you guys make these brownie zingers, but they’re so good I don’t even care.” –Kayla Carretto, North Canton OH

“Almost every time you guys email me a coupon, I end up ordering brownies for myself. There’s a slight chance I’m addicted.” –Jamie Mansfield, Westbrook ME

“Thanks for the help with my brownie order. I called customer service to change the shipping address and it took 2 minutes.” –Dan Hogan, Windsor CO

“The caramel brownies are to die for!” –Melissa Lynn Ferguson, Northfield NJ

“I could tell the brownies were fresh baked cause they were soft and chewy. I’ll definitely look to order again in the future.” –Paula Divito, Huntingdon PA

“I received almond biscotti as a gift from my grandson. They were so yummy, I ordered a batch a few weeks later when I had the girls over for coffee. Thanks for the coupon!”             –Ruthie Duncan, Acton MA

“I’m a last minute kinda guy, so one of the best things about ordering from Ruth’s Brownies is that it only takes a day or two to get my packages. Thanks guys!” –Damien Hill, Washington DC ” 

“Kevin, thanks for the quick delivery and thorough service; I was really happy with the brownie gift baskets I gave out. You said it would be easy, and you weren’t kidding. Thanks again, Merry Christmas, & Happy New Year!” –John Zambido, Danbury CT

“Delicious brownies! Keep it up!” –Bill Shafer, Sheridan AR

“I got the Ruth’s Sampler Basket because I couldn’t make up my mind. Everything is really yummy, so I don’t know what I’ll do when I order again. Brownies? Biscotti? Cookies? All of the above, please!” –Wendy York, Richmond VA

“Seriously, every brownie should have peanut butter swirled in. Amazing.” –Jennifer Anne Braxton, Poughkeepsie NY

“All week after dinner I’ve been cutting a brownie in half, warming it up in the microwave, and throwing a scoop of ice cream on top for me and my husband. Delicious!” –Rebecca Kelly, Edinboro PA 

“Still trying to convince my wife that we gotta join the Brownie of the Month club, cause I love your stuff.” –Phil Tuttle, Jacksonville FL

“Cute packaging and yummy brownies!” –Ellen Arocho, Long Island NY

“I love the chocolate you guys use. The brownies taste so rich!” –Riley Mae, West Warwick RI

“Confession: I bought your brownies and then tried to pretend I baked them myself for a holiday party. I ended up confessing an hour into the party, after four people asked me for gourmet baking tips. Too funny, I’ll definitely buy again.” –Liz Fifer, Seaford DE

“Your walnut brownies and chocolate biscotti made shipping my dad a birthday gift really easy, so thanks.” –Ben Warren, Boston MA

“Cream cheese brownies are like marble cheesecake, except way better.” –Hannah Prescott, Rochester NY

“I brought a Death by Chocolate Gift Basket to my girlfriend’s parents on Christmas… I had no idea what to bring them… but this really worked out. Nice basket, delicious brownies.” –Mike Lawton, Pleasant Valley NY

 “Loved ordering from Ruth’s Brownies - it was quick, convenient, and arrived on time – couldn’t ask for more!” –Sean Rinaldi, Fort Dodge IA 

“So awesome that you guys do gluten-free baked goods! My son is allergic so we were happy to see we could order something he could enjoy, too.” –Allison Geller, Chicago MI    


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Handcrafted Brownies
Ruth's Brownies are handcrafted to order daily and shipped fresh within hours of being removed from the oven to guarantee their freshness and delectable
taste. They are made according to our own special recipes exclusively with Valrhona chocolates and other farm-fresh natural or organic ingredients.