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Ruth's Brownie Kitchen

Welcome To Ruth's Kitchen...

We Are A Family Run, Artisanal Baking Company                                        
Dedicated To Absolute Perfection In All We Do...

From the beginning, Ruth's Brownie (and Cookie & Biscotti) Kitchen has been committed to baking the world's highest quality and best-tasting chocolate gourmet brownies, biscotti, cookies and cakes available anywhere in the world. We bake them for you, our customers, the most important people in the world. Named after Grandmother Ruth —and beginning with her recipes— we've created baked goods that have that memorable, delicious homemade taste we remember from our childhoods.


The Artisanal Approach...

With the dedication of our artisan bakers, we seek perfection in each and every batch of gourmet chocolate brownies, biscotti, cookies and cakes we make. To help achieve our goal we have committed ourselves to making a handcrafted product. Each and every brownie, biscotti, cookie or cake we make is made to order one batch at a time... NO mass production methods in our kitchens. Nothing is ever frozen. Nothing is ever "from the day before."

The Very Finest Ingredients...

Our approach to perfection is simple enough... we begin with the world's finest chocolates and add the very best ingredients available.


Shipped Within Hours Of Being Removed From The Oven...

To insure the freshness and delectable taste of our products, our brownies, biscotti, cookies and cakes are shipped to you the very same day as baked. You can be sure your order hasn't been waiting around for days on a storage shelf. And, our gourmet brownies, cookies and biscotti are NEVER frozen!

Limited Capacity...

Because of our unique, individual approach to serving our customers by baking only to order, our daily baking capacity is limited. To insure our quality we have made the decision to limit what we bake to only what we can do right. You have our word on that! To be sure to get what you want when you want it please order early.

Tast our delicous brownies

Our Guarantee...

We think our recipes, ingredients and baking methods produce the most delectable, freshest-tasting brownies, cookies and biscotti you have ever eaten. If you are in any way dissatisfied with any of our products you can return them to us for a no-questions-asked replacement of our brownies or for a refund.

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Ruth's Brownie Kitchen is a family run, artisanal bakery located in the Hudson Valley region of New York State that specializes in baking handcrafted Gourmet Cookies, Biscotti and Gourmet Belgium Chocolate Cake-Style and Fudge Brownies.

Handcrafted Brownies
Ruth's Brownies are handcrafted to order daily and shipped fresh within hours of being removed from the oven to guarantee their freshness and delectable
taste. They are made according to our own special recipes exclusively with Valrhona chocolates and other farm-fresh natural or organic ingredients.