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Ruth's Brownie Kitchen

Eating Suggestions

Ruth's Brownies, Cookies, Cakes & Biscotti Are Perfect Anytime!

The best way to enjoy any of Ruth's brownies, cookies, cakes and biscotti is the simplest way... with a tall glass of cold, fresh milk or a hot cup of coffee. Whether for your children as an afterschool treat, or for yourself as a mid-morning or afternoon pick-me-up, nothing beats the rich chocolatey taste of Ruth's brownies, cookies and biscotti.

TIP! Heat your brownies in the microwave for 20-25 seconds for an even creamier, gooier and more chocolate taste.

Brownies... As A Dessert

Brownies are perfect as a dessert for any dining occasion. Try them with a scoop of ice cream at your next get-together or family BBQ. Add strawberries or some other fresh fruit or sauce for an elegant end to that special dinner party.

Storage Suggestions

Assuming They Are Not Enjoyed Immediately!

It's rare that our brownies, cookies or biscotti will last around the house or office for more than a day or two, but if they do, or if you wish to store them for a future event, here's how you should do it.

For Up To 10 Days... In The Refrigerator

Ruth's brownies, cookies and biscotti will stay fresh and delicious for up to 10 days when stored in your refrigerator. If they are not still sealed in their original protective packaging, then wrap them tightly with cling wrap. Place the wrapped baked goods in an air-tight container and place in the refrigerator for storage.

For the best taste let them warm for 20 minutes at room temperature before eating or serving... or microwave them for 20-25 seconds.

For Up To Three Months... In The Freezer

Ruth's products freeze well and will stay delicious in your freezer for up to three months. Make sure they are either in their original, individual packages or tightly wrapped individually with a good quality cling wrap.

It's best to defrost the brownies and other baked goods overnight in the refrigerator and them let them warm at room temperature for an additional 20-30 minutes to achieve the best taste possible. In an emergency, remove them from the freezer and let them defrost at room temperature for one hour. Enjoy!
Handcrafted Brownies
Ruth's Brownies are handcrafted to order daily and shipped fresh within hours of being removed from the oven to guarantee their freshness and delectable
taste. They are made according to our own special recipes exclusively with Valrhona chocolates and other farm-fresh natural or organic ingredients.